Professional Genealogy Qualifications

Nordic Ancestors is highly qualified to research family trees throughout Scandinavia. We use researchers and resources worldwide to establish and document your Scandinavian ancestry. Many of our extensive sources are referenced through the world’s largest repositories of genealogy data. These include the Family History Library, the National Archives, numerous online sources, and records throughout Scandinavia to name a few.

All projects through Nordic Ancestors are completed under the direction of Chief Genealogist, Raeone C. Steuart, AG. Record acquisition and research is accomplished by trusted agents and a pool of select Scandinavian genealogy professionals.

Raeone C. Steuart, Accredited Genealogist® — Norwegian Specialization
Raeone’s deep Scandinavian roots fueled interest in her rich heritage at a young age. After attending some college, she lived in Norway for two years. There she was able to master the language, learn the geography and immerse herself in the culture.

Upon her return, Raeone decided to pursue a Bachelor’s of Genealogy at Brigham Young University. She has since spent her life’s work dedicated to family research. Much of that effort has made it easier for individuals to research for themselves through the development of genealogical tools. At the same time, she has continued to provide professional genealogy services for clients seeking to uncover their own Scandinavian family trees.

Raeone founded American Genealogical Lending Library (AGLL) in 1983. The company's core focus was to help bring genealogy resources to the masses through a record loan system. As a principle at Heritage Quest in 1997, Raeone pioneered commercial processes and procedures for record digitization and source indexing. These same best practices have largely become the basis of today’s best genealogy research tools. Much of this work remains the foundation of HeritageQuest Online that is still used in hundreds of libraries across the United States.

For ten years, Raeone served as a Family History Library Research Consultant. Here she dedicated thousands of hours helping individuals discover their heritage. She then taught for three years as the Scandinavian Research Instructor of BYU - Idaho.

With decades of insight and genealogical methodology, Raeone manages each project with the knowledge and exhaustive resources for finding your Nordic connections.

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